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About our founder

Daniel Santos is a dedicated Latin-American executive with more than 25 years of experience helping organizations adapt to changes in the global market. With an intense focus on growing profitable strategic alliances with government and private business partners, Daniel works within the organization to build high-performance company culture, turn strategy into action, and align cohesive, multi-cultural teams.

He ignites change in organizations looking to be more competitive in the global marketplace.

For 13 years, he drove the overall development and transformation of global Telecom, Gov contractor, TopTel. Progressing through the executive ranks to ultimately lead the company as President and CEO, he aligned the global strategy with the sales, operations, human resources, treasury, IT and off-shoring teams to seamlessly move into new markets.

He took a small, 60-seat call center and transformed it into 5,000 employees corporation, delivering cutting-edge capabilities in inbound/outbound interactions, BPO, automated solutions, SW and CRM development and building massive government solutions. Provided service to 50+ federal government agencies in Mexico, specializing in Health, Labour, Development Bank, and US-Mex affairs.

Private sector clients include: AT&T, AMEX, Santander Bank, BBVA, and City Bank, to name a few.

Drawing from his extensive experiences, Mr. Santos has the strategies, research, and network to help Latin American companies broaden their horizon and US companies enter the Latin America marketplace.

On top of his responsibilities at WSI Digital Experts, he is currently working with local Group Dasko S.A.P.I., a consulting group that facilitates US companies to access the Mexican federal government. Working with contacts in Energy, Health, Infrastructure, Contact Center, and other departments, they have successfully bid and won over 51 government contracts for their clients.