If blogging is already part of your digital marketing plan and you are regularly posting content, how are you measure the success of your efforts? Do you know which blog topics are appealing most to readers? Following your blog statistics is important and will give you an understanding of what direction to take. There are various Web Analytics Tools that will give you the analytics you need such as:

·      Google Analytics

·      Statcounter

·      Awstats

Purpose for your Blog

Having a purpose for stating a Blog is paramount to its success and gaining meaningful audit data. Blog posts that address a particular subject and audience are the ones with the biggest audience. Readers will return if they like what they have read.

Blog Feedback

Blogs that are interesting and informative are more likely to receive many visitors and comments or feedback. Use this information to deliver more of what your audience likes.

There are tools available that you can use to measure the success of your blogs. The use blog analytics is imperative, as it will give a clear picture of where your blog needs improvement. Analytics will provide you with the following information:

  • What blog posts attract the most visitors
  • Where your visitors are coming from. The location of your visitors is important particularly if your blog is geared specifically for local businesses.
  • The length of time that visitors spend on your blog. The goal is to keep them there for longer periods of time.
  • A measure of the number of unique and returning visitors. If there are no visitors, your blog is not effective. For blog posts where you received unique and returning visitors is an indication to do more of that style and subject choice for your next blog post.

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Author: Brian Holroyd