Alliance between Red Design and WSI

We are proud to announce the strategic alliance between Red Design Consultants and WSI for High End Digital Marketing services. Through this alliance we will be able to better serve the business community with the most comprehensive and fully integrated marketing strategies and solutions. In the past both traditional marketing and digital marketing companies have always been competing against each other for the marketing budget of the business community. Both Red and WSI see this as an opportunity to bring both aspects of a marketing strategy together and ensure the best possible results for the business community.

Red Design and WSI share the same belief that both traditional and digital marketing solutions must work together in harmony and support each other to ensure the success of any marketing campaign. As both companies have gotten to know each other it has become obvious that both Red and WSI share the same values and concern for the welfare and success of each of their clients. It has also become very apparent that both companies share the same philosophy and methodologies of how to best work with their clients to ensure the most successful outcome offering high end digital marketing services.

Red Design Consultants has proven itself as a premier branding and marketing company with a very impressive portfolio. We see this relationship expanding beyond the borders of Greece as they have proven themselves with international brands around the world. With WSI’s over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and global reach with hundreds of offices around the world we see tremendous opportunity in working closely with Red. As WSI has developed relationships with the likes of Google, Microsoft, Adobe and many other recognized brands we see this as an integral relationship in the services offered to the business community.


Mark Dobson

Co-Founder & CEO, WSI