Mobile marketing is more important than ever

It’s evident that most potential customers have a smartphone, and an increasing number have a an iPad or similar tablet. In many cases, these invaluable devices are a person’s first point of contact with the Internet, whether by Apps, emails, text messages or mobile-optimized web content. Today’s fast-paced economy and society has made these devices a “must-have” for most consumers, and mobile marketing an increasingly important strategy for businesses.

WSI Digital Experts knows that a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is not complete without actively engaging this crucial channel. Due to a variety of factor: smaller screens, smaller bandwidth, greater urgency for results — mobile marketing requires a different approach. Plain vanilla recipes won’t work. The strategy applied for your website presence also might not necessarily translate well to the mobile world. That’s why WSI Digital Experts has focused a portion of our offerings to mobile marketing.

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How mobile marketing can drive new business

Mobile marketing is still maturing and its potential continues to grow. WSI has been there since before mobile marketing was born and have found success in mixing mobile marketing and other digital strategies. Our experience has taught us that a varied and comprehensive approach is the best way to maximize your reach and marketing budget.

Below are some mobile marketing initiatives that WSI can help you explore and implement:

Mobile Website Design

Many sites today are nearly impossible to view on smartphones and complicated to navigate on iPads and other tablets. We can help by developing responsive and mobile-friendly version of your existing website.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile devices have more limited computer resources which means your advertising will need to be customized for that marketplace.

SMS Messaging

Text messaging to your customers is a direct, straightforward — and effective — way to convert new customers

MMS Marketing

As smartphones grow in capacity, you can expand to also sending multimedia messages with pictures and other elements.

 It is important not to neglect this growing part of the digital marketing space. WSI has years of experience in online marketing and we can work with you to optimize your mobile marketing.